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If you are looking for a soothing facial, then look no further than iinskin. we offer a wide range of facials including herbal facials, simple cleansing and fruit facials these are deep cleanse facials, we offer skin peels and photo therapy facials. we can help you have beautiful skin with the help of our experts who will customise a treatment plan that will suit your skin. our facials may moisturise your skin and leave it feeling refreshed and glowing. call us now to book your appointment.

we understand that the needs of your skin changes over time, which is why we have categorised all our facials so that you can choose the right one for you. whether you are looking to improve hydration, target acne, resurface the skin or simply get a quick fix, our highly trained therapists will be able to suggest the right treatment for you.


Medik8 is a cosmeceutical brand, unlike other cosmetic facials they go deeper into the epidermis. They also provide quicker results than any other cosmetic facial. Medik8 offers a wide range of low irritation peels for various skin types. They are advanced and therapeutic peels that help to treat all types of pigmentation, sun damaged skin, dark spots and more. They can be applied on the face and other body parts. Medik8 Beta Peel – Rapidly bring acne under control and dramatically reduce the risk of future scarring with a potent Salicylic, Azelaic, L-Madelic and L-Lactic Acid blend.
For expert advice on choosing the right peel for your skin type, get in touch with us today. We are here to help.

Smooth Eye & Lip Treatments For Enhancement Without Needles.

The New Fotona Smooth eye Laser treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and the tell-tale signs of aging from around your eyes. With no need for needles or invasion of the skin, this is a key treatment for anyone wanting a non-surgical eyelift. Fotona Smootheye™ is ideal for patients who don’t want to have surgery.
When used around the lips it can produce some plumping of the lips called Smooth Lips. The treatment would give the effect of a 1ml filler being injected into the lips to enhance them slightly and help remove dead skin; which is why slight peeling occurs around 3 days after treatment.


Laser revitalization treatments helps in restoring the natural look of the skin by targeting specific areas of treatment rather than a large portion of the skin. The surrounding healthy skin is protected and the treatment itself offers precise control.
Skin revitalisation can be carried out in two modes: The ablative model using an Er: YAG laser and the non-ablative model using a Nd:YAG. These treatments can be combined with other treatments using the Fotona’s TwinLight™ Fractional Rejuvenation system.

TwinLight® Fractional revitalisation is a 3-step process to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using either the Nd: YAG or the Er:YAG laser beams. The Nd: YAG beams helps in creating the heating effect that revitalises the skin while the Er:YAG beam helps in the formation of new skin.

Step 1: Conditioning – in this treatment, we pass the Nd: YAG beam twice along the surface of the skin. In the first pass, a small stimulus is provided to the skin and in the second pass, deep FRAC3® heating and conditioning occurs for a reliable fractional treatment.

Step 2: Fractional therapy – A fractional Er:YAG laser helps to remove the old skin so that new toned skin can replace it

Step 3: Peeling – This final touch helps in the removal of old skin and supe

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