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  • VITAMIN DRIP – £150
  • DVLA MEDICAL – £75
  • TAXI MEDICAL – £75

  • VITAMIN DRIP – £150
  • DVLA MEDICAL – £75
  • TAXI MEDICAL – £75



The medical examination is designed to assess a drivers overall fitness to drive, with a focus on any past or present alcohol abuse, misuse or dependency problems.

Clients will be required to provide a sample of blood, in some cases a urine sample (if there is any evidence of drug misuse or dependence) and undergo a brief physical medical examination that sometimes includes an eye test.

Dr Sherpao, the DVLA appointed doctor will also perform a medical interview which will involve a series of questions that the high risk offender must answer.


What is a medical assessment for taxi drivers?

A medical assessment involves having tests to check your general health. To be granted a taxi licence, taxi drivers need to pass a medical assessment. The assessment will involve having your blood pressure and pulse checked, a urine test, an eye test and a hearing test.

What are the benefits of the medical assessment?

The benefit of the assessment is that it will tell the doctor if you are healthy enough to drive a taxi safely. If you pass all parts of the medical assessment you will be granted a fitness certificate by the doctor, saying that you are well enough to be granted a taxi license.

Are there any risks to the tests?

There are no risks to any of these tests.

Are there any alternative tests?

There are no alternatives to these tests that will give the doctor the information they need.

What are the risks of not having the tests?

If you choose not to have these tests you will not be granted a taxi license and therefore will not be able to work as a taxi driver.

What to bring to your assessment appointment

Please complete section A of the medical questionnaire you have been sent and bring this with you to your appointment. If you wear hearing aids, glasses or contact lenses please bring these with you to the appointment. We also require a summary of you medical notes whether electronically or a hard copy.

You will also need to bring 3 of the following forms of identification with you to the appointment:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • A utility bill (e.g. gas or electricity) that is no more than 3 months old
  • Birth certificate
  • National insurance card
  • UK NHS card

During your appointment you will see a doctor and a nurse. If you have said that you have a medical condition the doctor may ask you for more information about this.

You will be asked to provide a sample of your urine which will be tested for infection and diabetes. If the urine test suggests you might have diabetes you may also need to have a sample of your blood taken to be tested.

The doctor will also:

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Check your pulse
  • Listen to your heart
  • Check your mobility and movement
  • Test your hearing
  • Test your vision

After the Assessment

The doctor will tell you the results of your medical assessment during your appointment.

If you have passed the assessment the doctor will send a fitness certificate to the council, who will grant you your taxi licence.

If the doctor has any concerns, you may be advised to see your GP or optician for further tests before the certificate can be granted. When we receive the results of these tests you may need to come for another appointment, but will not be charged for this.


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