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Detoxification IV Booster Drip

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Our IV Drip infusions are nutrient-packed formulations consisting of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; all classified as ‘essential nutrients’ which are vital for the body. Our IV therapy treatments are used for supplementation purposes only and not to treat any medical conditions.
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Detoxification IV Booster Drip

Detox has become the big buzzword in dieting as we realise the impact of toxicity on the body and its ability to function effectively. Managing how your body detoxes can be a crucial factor in whether you reach your goal weight and how quickly you get there. To keep toxins away from your vital organs, the body will store them in your fat cells which makes them harder to lose.

Our Detoxification IV drip also contains several amino acids, including glycine, taurine, arginine and ornithine, that are essential for the detoxification process; in the liver they combine with and neutralise toxins. Our Detoxification IV drip is a powerful combination of nutrients and can be a highly effective aid, but to see the results you’re hoping for you need to commit to a diet and exercise routine.